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Is this Italian military vet the best shot in the world?

Zero shooting ( Funker Tactical - Fight Training Videos/Youtube)
March 14, 2017

Some of you gun enthusiasts may be familiar with this man but he is fairly unknown among the general population. That is, until his incredible videos went viral on the internet.

He goes by the name Instructor Zero, a former instructor for the Italian Army and the below features him in a series of mind-blowingly fast and accurate shooting drills.

Check out the video below:

Here’s his bio, from

  • Bachelor Degree: Investigation and Security Sciences – 110\110 cum Laude
  • Former Instructor 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade
  • CEO: OUTCOMES Security & Defence Advisors
  • President/Head Instructor: Spartan 360 Tactical Defence Group
  • Strategic design, analysis, study & implementation of security protocols for three high security clearance sites relating to I*** (Highest National Clearance)
  • Clinical Professor:  University level, Sciences for Investigations and Security, Italy
  • Chief Security Architect and Current Security Operations Director holding one of the Highest Security Levels for a Civil Industrial Site in Italy

According to, the Devils of Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response-Africa (SPMAGTF-CR-AF) received a sophisticated shooting lesson taught by none other than Zero himself. It appears that Zero is the “chief instructor of the Spartan 360 Tactical Defense near Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy.”

Funker Tactical – Fight Training Videos/Youtube)

The training course that was captured in a Pentagon photo, took place back in 2016. The DoD sought out Zero because he knows what he is doing and since Zero favors the Glock and that is what the U.S. Marines is also leaning towards.

Zero has trained over 40 Special Forces Units so far. He says training is an evolution.

(Funker Tactical – Fight Training Videos/Youtube)

There are many people though, who believe Zero is a fake. Are they haters or are they onto something? Zero’s real name is Jeco Biccelli and those who don’t necessarily believe his list of credentials, say that he has very limited military training and uses a fake Italian accent.

As seen on the video, Biccelli, Zero, who ever you want to call him is pretty darned good at what he does. Well, he was good enough that the U.S. military employed him to train the Marines.


Zero’s speed and accuracy are spot on time and time again. His weapon of choice doesn’t even matter because he is right on the money regardless of which gun he uses.

In the video, you see Zero firing blind shots from his last frame of reference and fire over his own shoulder using a small compact mirror to guide him. Have you ever seen someone reload an AK-47 that fast?