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Inspired By The Death Of A Soldier Watch This Ridiculously Awesome Iron Man TALOS Super Suit

March 05, 2017

TALOS is a futuristic robotic exoskeleton that is currently being developed by the United States Special Operations Command. Once completed the suit will transform the wearer into a real life Iron Man. The suit will be bulletproof, weaponize, will improve the vision and auditory abilities of the wearer, and while give the soldier superhuman strength and abilities all while constantly monitoring their vitals. General Joe Votel told CNN about the program and how the death of a service member inspired the project.

The suit is currently in design but is being held back due to concerns about the power supply. The suit was intended to be released in as a prototype by 2018 but is now expected to be delayed until 2026. A light-weight, low-bulk power generation system is needed before the suit can become a reality. No mobile generators currently in existence are capable of creating the amount of energy the suit needs to function properly. That hasn’t prevented the government from creating amazing teaser videos and concept art showing off the suits current capabilities.

Are Robocop-like cyborg soldiers the future of the U.S. military? Until the power source issue is fixed it seems unlikely. However, being able to wrap 60 percent of our soldier’s bodies while giving them superhuman strength, communication, and athletic abilities is too enticing to pass by. A team made up of several dozen agencies is currently working ot complete the project.

Even if the project doesn’t come to fruition project-related research has yielded huge advances in the fields of bulletproof armor, hands-free communication technology, and even 3D printing.