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Incredible Footage Of U.S. Navy Diver’s Arctic Adventure In Sub-Zero Temperatures

March 21, 2017

Talk about extreme temperatures! Only in this case, it’s not the ones above the surface but those under water. U.S. Navy divers carry out a number of crucial functions including: rescue, salvage, demolition, research and reconnaissance. To perform these hazardous duties is simply second nature to these brave Sailors. It comes with the territory, some would say.

Nonetheless, there are ever-present hazards and this video shows us what they can do. It’s one thing having to deal with dangerous elements such as animals, enemies, underwater mines, and other things of that nature, and a completely different one to deal with elements that could literally “freeze” you up. Imagine cutting your air supply or even the means to escape such environment, right in front of others incapable of freeing you from such fate! Of all the dangers and hazardous things that are out there being buried alive under a sheet of quickly forming ice has to be one of the most terrifying!


What is the most terrifying danger for you? Sound off and share your opinions and comments in the section below.