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Cincinnati Shooting Nightclub Had A “No Firearms Allowed” Sign On The Door

March 28, 2017

Shortly after 1 AM last Saturday, a shooting occurred at the Cameo Nightclub in Cincinnati, resulting in the death of one and another 16 injured. Despite the nightclub having a “No Firearms Allowed” sign on the entrance, an individual with a gun was still able to shoot and harm innocent club-goers.

It was a typical Saturday night at the Cameo Nightclub in Cincinnati. The nightclub is open until 4 am on Saturdays and you only have to be 18 years old to get in. It’s a huge venue in this area so it employs off-duty police officers to patrol the parking lot. Security measures at the club include using a wand and patting down individuals upon entering and there is also a “No Firearms Allowed” sign on the front door of the establishment.

On this particular night, several firearms ended up inside the bar.

“The bar was very crowded, approximately a couple hundred people,” Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said. “Several local men got into some type of a dispute inside the bar, and it escalated into shots being fired from several individuals. It is my understanding that they do wand individuals and pat them down. However, what we know at this point, several firearms were able to be brought inside the bar.”

When one of the only things left standing was the “No Firearms Allowed” sign on the door, 17 people had been shot, one fatally. O’Bryan Spikes, 27, died in the shooting. Five people remain hospitalized; two are in “very critical” condition, and three are in serious condition. Police believe more than one person was involved in the shooting. They said the incident developed from a dispute that started earlier in the day and later escalated.

“It was just a lot of chaos, obviously, when the shots went off,” Cincinnati Police Department Capt. Kimberly Williams said. “People (were) just trying to get out of harm’s way.”

Patrons were rushing to the exit and there were injured people all over the floor. One woman who was at nightclub during the shooting said, “I thought I was going to die.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to come forward. The biggest questions remain how did the shooters get those firearms into the bar and why didn’t they read that sign on the front door that clearly stated, “No Firearms Allowed?”