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The Washington Post Used My Gun Video To Create Fake News – Here’s My Response

Whether you agree or disagree with President Donald Trump, one point that he makes is absolutely true: many biased and agenda filled news outlets report fake news.

This is not a new concept. In fact, it has been happening for years as the liberal media have been a protected class that wields power through their reach of millions of people. The elite media is like a schoolyard bully. Many won’t stand up to the bully for the fear of being punched in the nose. In this case, people seldom call out biased reports for the fear of being brutally slandered.

Two years ago I made a video called, “The Quietest .22lr You Ever Heard.”  I used a Ruger 10/22 in a bullpup kit made by High Tower Armory. Attached was a Huntertown Guardian suppressor and the .22 long rifle ammunition was CCI Quiet. CCI Quiet is among the lowest powered .22 long rifles on the market. It uses a 40 grain bullet that travels a slow 710 feet per second compared to a standard .22 long rifle with velocities of over 1100 feet per second.  To top it off, CCI .22 Quiet has 75% reduction in perceived noise than standard .22 long rifle rounds. As one could imagine, CCI .22 Quiet subsonic ammunition coupled with a .22 suppressor would create the most soft and muffled rifle shots available.

Michael Rosenwald of the Washington Post wrote an article about silencers and the debate over whether they should or should not be deregulated.  Currently, to purchase a suppressor, one must fill out several forms including a “sign off” from the local police chief, submit a passport size photo, submit fingerprints, pay a $200 fee to the ATF and wait approximately 10 to 14 months to be either approved or denied. Many pro-freedom people want to deregulate this process by allowing suppressors to be obtained the same way firearms are purchased.

In the Washington Post article, my video was linked as an example of how suppressors can decrease the sound of a gun. The weak and low powered rifle that I used was described by Rosenwald as a “High Powered Rifle.”  Not only was the description of “High Powered Rifle” the furthest from the truth, it also gave the reader a false idea of how suppressors work and what they are capable of.  In truth, a suppressed high power rifle would require the user to still use ear protection. A true high powered rifle would be a firearm chambered in 30.06, .30-30, .308, .300 Win Mag, ect. It certainly would not be suppressed .22 long rifle with weak subsonic velocities.

Watch the video above to see first hand the rifle and ammo I used and how the fake news reported it.  It is no wonder why pro-2nd Amendment people have to work so hard to convince the fence sitters that guns are not scary and dangerous. It is the fake media with their biased anti-gun rhetoric while attempting to push their liberal agenda is what is scary and dangerous.