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Watch U.S. Marine recruits on their 1st visit to the recruit exchange at Parris Island

Recruits first visit to the exchange (Screenshot/Youtube)
February 17, 2017

Recruit life is tough, very tough indeed. A person goes from a life where shopping trips and other fun affairs are mainly dictated by the resources a person has, to one where every minute of their day is strictly scheduled and supervised. That’s life as a recruit now. Even though everyone knows that this is only temporary, the cultural shock could be such that people even forget how to do some shopping.

As anyone would expect, recruits are given opportunities to visit the recruit exchange a few times during recruit training. Of course, drill instructors are there to help, or “gently guide,” recruits during this process. In this video, U.S. Marine recruits with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, and with Oscar Company, 4th Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, visit the recruit exchange at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina.

A look at the shopping baskets at the recruit exchange (YouTube)

The exchange is essentially a full-fledged general department store with a large selection of items that are available to purchase. Lots of popular household items can be seen in the video though including shampoo, laundry detergent, plastic bags, lint rollers, and air fresheners.

The cashiers at the recruit exchange were quick at scanning the items (YouTube)

The cashier at the recruit exchange that is featured in this video is extremely fast at scanning the items so that the Marine recruits can get through the process as quickly as possible because it was their first experience visiting the recruit exchange.

The team at the recruit exchange run a tight, organized, and efficient operation. This isn’t surprising though as it goes along with the USMC’s reputation of excelling in all ways possible so that they become a warrior by the time they complete United States Marine Corps Recruit Training.

The recruits patiently wait in line to check out (YouTube)

The shopping environment at this recruit exchange is certainly unlike that of any civilian store. It is critical that the recruits follow their orders. The recruits have no choice but to adapt to the standards that are expected of them. It’s likely that they’re just glad that they can finally do some shopping to get the items that they desperately need.

Check out these recruits first experience with the Marine Corps Exchange aboard MCRD Parris Island:

Marine Corps recruits go through a 13-week training program, known as United States Marine Corps Recruit Training, in order to serve in the Marine Corps. Marines claim their recruit training is the most physically and mentally challenging compared to other branches of the military as their Physical Fitness Test has higher standards.