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Watch as a Taliban fighter on the run gets taken out with a shot to the head

February 07, 2017

This video shows the unique power the United States military has. The two-minute-long clip shows Taliban soldiers walking through the desert with no idea that they’re being watched from an eye in the sky. You can hear the communications of the U.S. troops as they prepare to unload on the jihadist fighters. You can hear one of the soldiers mention that at least one of the Taliban members was armed with an RPG, so it was important for them to take out the enemy before they were taken out themselves.

After the troops unload some rounds on the men on the ground, one Taliban fighter starts to run away from the gunfire. He’s grazed by bullets a few times, but he eventually gets taken out with a shot to the head. At that point, there is no doubt he’s a goner.

Having these sorts of tools in the combat zone definitely gives U.S. forces the advantage in the fight against radial Islamic terror. Check out the incredible footage below: