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Watch anti-gun hipsters shoot guns for the first time

February 21, 2017

A group of anti-gun hipsters check out a gun range for a day to see why people across America enjoy shooting guns. They decide to find out first-hand by shooting a variety of weapons for the first time. It’s exactly what you’d expect.

All of the guys, except one who was raised in the South, have never shot a weapon in their lives. Their views on weapons are apparent. The video starts off with one of the men saying “I don’t like guns. At all.”

”These are military grade weapons whose only purpose is to kill people. To kill a lot of people very fast, very effectively,” one of the guys said.

Well, he’s wrong. They are for self-defense, hunting, and recreation.

It’s clear these guys couldn’t defend their women, families or friends. It’s a sad day in America when these are our “men.”


Check out to see what these guys think of weapons after shooting guns at a gun range.