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W.H. Petition To “Repeal The NFA” Garners Over 68,000 Signatures Since Trump Took Office

February 09, 2017

On the very day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, two “We the People” petitions were started to reform gun laws. One, titled “Repeal the NFA” would abolish the National Firearms Act of 1934. The second, titled “Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment,” would ban the new production of machine guns for civilians.

Repeal the NFA” had just over 69,000 signatures as of February 9 and the “Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment” picked up far less with just over 12,000 signatures as of that same date.

NRA commentator Colion Noir, the Military Arms Channel and the IV8888 crew have taken great strides to publicize these efforts.

Tactical trainer, Rob Pincus said on social media that he’s surprised the petitions hadn’t garnered more support.

“I am surprised at the very low number of signatures on the ‘Repeal the NFA’ online petition. Is this the ‘Trump Won & we’ve got the Legislature’ Complacency that people were afraid might happen? There’s no reason for the term NFA item to exist, these should be treated like any other gun and more available to the public,” Pincus said.

Molon Labe Industries, a U.S. Veteran owned and operated gun merchandise company, posted a similar sentiment.

“Why haven’t you signed the petitions to repeal the NFA and Hughes Amendment yet? Too busy or disinterested in your 2nd Amendment rights?” they asked on their Facebook page.

Each petition needs 100,000 signatures to earn a response by the White House by Feb. 19th.