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Watch A Yellow Taxi Blow Up In Slow Motion

February 01, 2017

The guys at Demo Ranch are at it once again, and this time, they’re blowing up a taxi!

They guys decided to do this experiment in a car graveyard, which is awesome, because you can see the remains of previously blown up vehicles strewn about the whole location. With an explosive and a Barrett, these guys create the recipe for an awesome time! And as you could imagine, the explosion does not disappoint!

The slow motion camera is able to catch the fine details of the explosion in all of its awesomeness. The vehicle is absolutely destroyed as it flies into a million pieces and flips onto its side.

As always, we have to give a big thanks to the guys at Demo Ranch for making this video, because without them, we might never know what blowing up a taxi is like!

Check out the awesomeness for yourself below!