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(VIDEO) Watch A Guy Try To Paddle A Kayak With The Propulsion Of A Gun

February 21, 2017

The team at Demo Ranch is at it again, and this time they’re answering a quite peculiar question: Can you paddle a kayak with bullets? It’s an interesting query if you’re ever stuck on a kayak with nothing but guns and bullets, though that’d undoubtedly be a strange situation to be in. Check it out below:

It’s cool to see just how much push shooting a 9mm gives the kayak, and of course the higher caliber he goes the more interesting it gets! Okay, so maybe you’ll never ever be in the situation stuck on a kayak with no paddles and nothing but an entire armory of guns and ammo, but if that situation happens at least you know you’ll be able to at least get some movement. Hey, you may even be able to get some fresh fish while you’re at it!