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(VIDEO) Check Out This Throwback Army Basic Training Video From 1963

February 27, 2017

A blast to the past right here! This video goes in-depth to show you what it was like to join the Army back in 1963 and survive basic training.  Right from the start, you can notice differences between then and now. Not only in the way the Drill Sergeants spoke different, but could you imagine what it would be like if you were smoking a cigarette in the bunks today and your senior drill walked in? Heads would explode.

Check out the M14 training! That old school, badass weapon is still a classic to this day. The rifle training seemed to be very similar to what the army does to this day. The infiltration course back in ’63 is definitely a lot different than what you deal with in today’s training with explosions going on and live rounds over your head. It’s great to see the differences and the similarities between then and now.