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Special Forces groups invite everyone to think differently in this truly motivational video

Navy SEALS motivational video (Screenshot/Youtube)
February 03, 2017

“Think different and don’t be afraid to change your thinking. If you have a dream, accomplish that dream. To think differently, you need to have a mind that motivates you, because when you have a lazy mind it’s harder to accomplish your dreams.”

With these words, we get one of those motivational presentations that pumps you up and makes want to you jump on a plane to go after dirtbag lowlife terrorists.

“Think differently” motivational video (YouTube)

In reality, these are the kind of things that members of our military special forces do day in and day out. These men are of a different making and were born ready to die for someone they will never know. They work hours on end with little to no recognition and are the pride of any country. There is a lot that everyone could learn from them.

In this video, RangerJesse Motivation tells its viewers that in order to change their life, they need to first change their mindset and think differently so that they can change themselves and their life.

The video says that changing one’s mindset leads to a transformation, a change, or an evolution that will make them better than they were previously.

The “Think Different” video says that when someone makes the decision to not change their mindset, they will be stuck in their ways and their life will become stagnant.

“I’m tired of doing what I used to do. If I always do what I’ve always done, I’ll always be where I’ve always been,” the video’s narrator says.

Take a listen at the whole speech in the video below:

To move on to the next stage in one’s life, they will have to move past what other people are saying about them and telling them what to do.

“Stop wasting your weapons on what people say because it is not what they say about you that matters,” the narrator says. “It is what you say about you that threatens your destiny.

“You will never be defeated by what they say about you, you will be defeated by what you say about you, he continues.”

The only thing that can get in someone’s way is their own mind.

“Think Differently” military motivation video (YouTube)

“Don’t let the habits of my past stop me from this metamorphosis,” the narrator of the video says after mentioning that people are hoping that each year, they will transform to a higher expression of themselves.

“New life comes from a new mind and a new way of looking at your life. I can not step into the future and still think in my past. I can not let the rumors and the stain of what they said about me destroy my opportunity,” the narrator emphatically says.

RangerJesse Motivation creates a number of military motivation videos that are made to inspire people to never give up and never stop fighting.