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The Deadly Fast & Reliable Finest Small Caliber Defense Suppression Weapon There Is

February 03, 2017

Dillon Guns are reliable, extremely reliable. With a system life in excess of one million rounds and an average time between stoppage of 30,000 rounds, the M134D machine gun is the very modern definition of reliability. It’s so reliable that in the unlikely event of a stoppage, the weapon can be serviced and made operational again in under a minute. Moreover, the M134D machine gun has a multi barrel design that allows for repeated long bursts of fire and a barrel group life of 200,000 rounds.

Dillon M134 Gatling Guns are relatively new production weapons. Dillon Gatling Guns are in service with the U.S. and Allied Armed Ground Forces, with a standard application as helicopter crew served and fixed forward fire installations. In addition to their more traditional roles, Dillon Gatlings are supplanting M2 .50 cal. M134s are also in service with the U.S. and British navies in the fleet protection role and Special Operations fire support role. Deadly fast and incredibly reliable.