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Rob Riggle: “The Military Isn’t Funny”

February 28, 2017

Rob Riggle is a world-famous comedian and actor known for his appearances on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, Stepbrothers, and The Hangover. Most people don’t know that Riggle has a military career that’s far more impressive than anything he’s done on the silver screen. Riggle served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. His service brought him to  Liberia, Kosovo, Albania and earned him a Combat Action Ribbon.

Riggle discusses his military service, comedy career, and what he loves most about America with the host of “Celebrities in Golf Cars” Mark Willard. Watch Riggle’s hilarious interview with Willard below! See what makes Riggle one the most interesting figures in Hollywood, aside from the fact that if he doesn’t kill you with laughter, he could probably actually kill you.

Watch the full episode here!