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ISIS Cannibalism: Jihadists Taught To “Eat Their Enemies” In Training Schools

February 27, 2017

An ISIS handbook found by a British counter-extremism think tank revealed that the Islamic State is now teaching their militants in training schools to eat non-Muslims in times of jihad.

The Quilliam Foundation discovered the ISIS manual which detailed directions explaining to their fighters that if there is a period of time in which food is scarce, the jihadists are encouraged to “eat their enemies,” which includes non-Muslims as well as Muslims who do not share their same radical beliefs.

Haras Rafiq, a practicing Muslim and the chief executive of the Quilliam Foundation, said that he found the instructions “utterly revolting.”

“There are all sorts of things in there, but one of the most horrific is a section on cannibalism which they are teaching in classrooms,” Rafiq said.

“They are trying to use a
 theological-based argument to say that cannibalism can be carried out when there is no food during a time of jihad,” Rafiq continued. “As a Muslim, I find it utterly revolting. They even give advice on the parts to eat and how to prepare the flesh.”

The Daily Record reports that the secret curriculum explains how to prepare the body and what parts are okay for eating.

A mother whose son was killed by ISIS was reportedly fed his body when she went to visit ISIS’ headquarters in Mosul in search of her kidnapped son. After showing up at the headquarters on a quest to find him, the terror group offered her “meat and rice” after her long journey before revealing that she was actually eating her murdered offspring.