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Hezbollah Terror Group Launches Online Crowdfunding Campaign Called “#EquipAMujahid”

February 10, 2017

The Hezbollah terror group has launched an online crowdfunding drive asking supporters to contribute their personal funds toward to the group in order to finance the purchasing of military gear for its militants. The terror organization has created a series of banner advertisements asking people to contribute to the purchase of  helmets, bullet-proof vests, guns and ammunition. The ads feature telephone numbers that can be called to make a donation.

The group has launched a full digital ad campaign that even features a branded hashtag that reads “#equipamujahid” in the hopes of creating a viral marketing buzz on social media. A series of phone numbers all lead to various ‘collection centers’ spread across Lebanon. The terror group’s website also provides special phone numbers for “international relations” and a “women’s division.” A statement on the website tells visitors “Mujahids on glorious battlefronts are in need of clothing and military equipment.”

The group has received an overwhelming amount of criticism and ridicule from the Arab world for their efforts. Critics accuse the group of “running a little low on resources” and say this is a clear sign they are desperate for funding. One Lebanese anti-Hezbollah newspaper stated “Iran’s finances are running scarce due to its immersion in regional and international conflict.”

The paper is referring to the alleged $100-200 million in financial support the group receives from the Iranian government each year. It is believed that additional funding is procured through drug cartel that operate across South America.