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Here It Is: Video Being Inside An Exciting Attack Run With An A-10 Warthog

February 28, 2017

They have called one of the deadliest weapons in the U.S. Armed Forces arsenal. They have been in service longer than a lot of people have been alive. They are beloved both by the public whose freedom it defends, the pilots who flies them, and the ground troops it protects. The A-10 Warthogs.

Lethal, dependable, durable, and more importantly, battle tested, the A-10 Warthogs are one of those rare assets that have no downside, just a plethora of grateful ground troops whose backs it has covered over and over. Here we give you an inside look at an A-10 Warthog attack run. Exciting.

Is the A-10 Warthog the best fixed wing aircraft in the military arsenal? Sound off and share your opinions and comments in the section below.