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Check Out Both The Oldest & The Newest U.S. Air Force Aircraft Flying Together

February 10, 2017

Talk about a sight to behold!

Airplanes are one of those great and marvelous inventions that have become so mainstream that they don’t awe most of us anymore, particularly the newest generations. Together with trains and automobiles, even though much more so, airplanes have defined much of the world as we know it. Most people forget that things aren’t supposed to fly. We live in a planet mainly governed by the laws of gravity. It’s what has allowed us to confidently come outside without fear to “float away.”

Airplanes have not only dictated how many things are thought of on a daily basis, but its presence has become so ubiquitous that it has also dictated the way modern wars are fought. This phenomenon has allowed the countries with the best air forces to dominate most of the world since the invention of the flying machines.

This great video of old and new U.S. Air Force aircraft flying together offers a rare sight. Seeing these planes flying together is definitely something we don’t see everyday.