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Alabama Sheriff Rallies To Block Constitutional Carry Proposal

February 22, 2017

Soon, Alabama may become the newest state that is allowed to conceal carry and constitutional carry without the need for a permit. If Senate Bill 24 passes the Alabama legislature it will become the new law. However, one Sheriff in Madison County stridently opposes this proposed legislation.

Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning says this is a very dangerous move and wanted his opinion to be known so he wrote a letter to the residents of his county.

Dorning argued that the bill directly threatens the safety for Law Enforcement Officers and Deputy Sheriffs. He says this is also a threat to law abiding citizens, to the state and to the country.

He explains that if this bill is passed it would allow everyone who was previously denied a lawful permit to now be able to conceal a handgun in their vehicle, walk freely with a weapon to attend church services, enter a movie theater, football stadium, business or other gatherings in our communities. He says that law enforcement uses permits as a tool to determine if a person is lawfully allowed to carry a handgun.

A repeal of the current law by the passing of SB24 will allow handguns to be present at both peaceful and non-peaceful protests, which he states in extremely dangerous. He says the permits are precautionary measures to prevent a person convicted of a crime of violence from hiding a gun on his person and walk freely in our neighborhoods and communities.

“I fully support and defend our right to keep and bear arms as written by our Founding Fathers of the Constitution reinforced in the Second Amendment,” Dorning wrote. “This proposed legislation of SB24 is an attack on the safety of law enforcement. Let our Police Officers and Deputy Sheriff’s properly do their jobs to keep concealed handguns from persons whose backgrounds include court convictions of previous violent actions where a victim has been assaulted and/or attacked.”

Ironically, Dorning ended his letter by saying “we owe it to our nation to keep our streets safe from predators that prey on the weak and innocent and target our neighbors who cannot defend themselves from those intending to do us harm.”

If SB24 is passed, it would put the weak and innocent in a position of being able to protect themselves from the predators that seek to cause them harm.