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A Run Through The 10 Largest Explosions Of All Time

February 10, 2017

Explosions, both natural and artificial, have literally shaped our world. From volcano explosions that wiped out entire villages and perhaps civilizations, to atomic bomb explosions that ended wars by obliterating entire cities, explosions are a force to reckon with.

Explosions are divided into supersonic explosions, or those created by high explosives and known as detonations which travel via supersonic shock waves, and subsonic explosions which are the ones created by low explosives through a slower burning process and known as deflagration.

As a point of comparison, Russia has claimed that its “Father of All Bombs” that detonated in 2007 had a blast yield of 50 tons of TNT. If true, it would be the most powerful non-nuclear bomb ever built. This detonation doesn’t come even close to making this list. These are the 10 Largest Explosions Of All Time. Take a look: