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Watch These International Military Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicles Race

January 12, 2017

Designed to transport infantry troops to and from the battlefield, armored personnel carriers (APC) are a type of armored fighting vehicle (AFV). Colloquially referred to as “battle taxis” or “battle buses,” armored personnel carriers are distinguished from infantry fighting vehicles by the weaponry they carry. Armed for self-defense and armored to provide protection from shrapnel and small arms fire, APCs are armed, as a rule, with an integral or organic weapon of less than 20 millimeters calibre. APCs are not intended to take part in direct-fire battle and are mainly used to transport a combat infantry squad over long distances in order to get them to the front lines quicker without the exhaustion endured during long forced marches, thus the battle taxis or battle buses nicknames.

New armored personnel carriers are wheeled vehicles, and the latest variant is called infantry mobility vehicle (IMV). This is a new name for the old concept of an armored car, with an emphasis on mine resistance, which have primarily been used to protect passengers in unconventional theaters of war. In this video, militaries from different countries enjoy a good old vehicular race, albeit with armored military vehicles to put a spin to the event. Very entertaining to say the least.