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Watch A Connecticut Police Dramatically Pull Driver From Deadly Car Fire

January 04, 2017

It wasn’t an easy night in Wilton, CT for anybody back in August 2016. When officers arrived on the scene of the wreck, they saw both doors crushed shut and the vehicle wedged between two trees. Then they saw the flames.

The three officers leaped into action, pulling open the back hatch of the vehicle, and Sgt. Arnault Baker climbed through the burning car to pull the driver to safety.


Arlene Rosenthal, a Wilton resident, saw the wreckage from her front door and pulled her phone out.

“It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen because I knew someone was in that car,” said Rosenthal.


The driver escaped the ordeal with minor injuries. The authorities are currently investigating why the 26-year old crashed.