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V.A. Forcing Retired Green Beret To Pay Child Support For Child That’s Not His

January 04, 2017

An Army veteran in Aurora, Colorado is fighting the V.A. to stop them from forcing him to pay child support for a child that is not his.

Elmo Jones, a retired Green Beret who served for more than 20 years, is facing off against the V.A. who is making him pay child support for a 5 year-old boy that doesn’t belong to him.

Each month, the VA is taking out a large portion of his retirement pay to pay for child support.

During a divorce with his now ex-wife, a DNA test showed that the 5 year-old boy is not Jones’ child. Because of the results of the DNA test, the local county court ruled that the ex-wife, Ashia Abdul-Amin, is not entitled to receive child support from Jones.

“I get a letter from them about some child not living with me. And they are going to start taking $1,300 out of my pay,” Jones told Fox News Denver. “I feel betrayed because those people are supposed to be on my side.”

He tried faxing over the paternity test and the divorce papers to show proof that the child was not his, but the V.A. did not respond to him and still continued to take money out.

“I called them at least 15 times,” he said. “They won’t talk to me.”

“It’s my money. I didn’t steal it, or gamble it or win it in a lottery. It’s what I survive on,” he added.

The V.A. told Jones that if he provides proof that he is not the father, he will be reimbursed, but for now he must continue to live on a lower income.