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Taliban Tells President Trump To Get The U.S. Out Of Afghanistan

January 24, 2017

SITE Intelligence group, a website that tracks and monitors the web and social media accounts of terrorist groups and extremists, recently reported that the Taliban has released an open letter to President Donald Trump urging him to remove U.S. Forces from Afghanistan.

According to a report from Reuters, the Taliban said that “nothing has been achieved in 15 years of war except bloodshed and destruction.”

It also went on to say that the U.S. “had lost credibility after spending a trillion dollars on a fruitless entanglement” and that the responsibility to end the war “rests on your shoulders.”

“You have to realize that the Afghan Muslim nation has risen up against foreign occupation,” it continued.

In April 2011, Donald Trump was asked about the problems in Afghanistan on the O’Reilly Factor, and said that the situation in the Middle Eastern country was “a complete disaster.”

“Afghanistan is a total and complete disaster,” Trump said. “What are we doing? We have all of these horrible events taking place there, we can’t even run our own country. We don’t build our schools, we don’t build our highways, we don’t build anything anymore. What’s wrong with our leadership?”

“What is going on?” he continued. “Money should be spent in our country, we should rebuild our country and we should also, by the way, reduce our 16 trillion dollars in debt. Let’s get with it, get out of Afghanistan.”

Site Intelligence reported that the letter also addressed previous U.S. Presidents, saying that they “would emphasize continuation of war and occupation of Afghanistan because they can have better positions and privileges in war.”

While he has not spoken much since the election on plans for troops specifically inside the country of Afghanistan, President Trump said during his inauguration speech that he and his administration plan to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism “from the face of the earth.”