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Russian Military S-300 Surface-To-Air Missile Defense System Looks To Shut Down All Enemy Incoming Threats

January 13, 2017

America has one of the best defense systems. Abroad, deployed, sea-based, land-based, space-based, and even realistic fiction based;  American systems are simply superior to those in the rest of the world.

However, in classic Cold War fashion, Russia claims to have a system so impressive that it could virtually shut down all incoming threats to their territory.

The system is called the S-300 and it’s a battery of surface-to-air missiles apparently capable of tracking even the smallest flying object coming their way. It could be as big as a cargo plane or a bomber, or a small as a unmanned aerial vehicle, going through rockets, missiles, fighter jets. Russia claims the system can track it and shut it down before it reaches its objective.

This video shows the S-330 at work. The only question is, is this sci-fi or real military technology?

Decide for yourself: