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President Trump On ISIS: “They’re Sneaky, Dirty Rats & They Blow People Up”

January 27, 2017

During an interview on Thursday, President Donald Trump spoke about the terrorist group ISIS and the complications that the United States has in taking them out. While sitting down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, President Trump noted that the militant fighters are hard to detect because they’re everywhere and don’t wear uniforms, which Trump noted made them like “sneaky, dirty rats” that “blow people up.”

“We have evil that lurks around the corner without the uniforms,” Trump said. “Ours is harder because the people we’re going against they don’t wear uniforms. They’re sneaky, dirty rats and they blow people up in a shopping center and they blow people up in a church.”

“These are bad people,” he continued. “When you’re fighting Germany and they had their uniforms, and Japan and they had their uniforms and they had their flags on the plane, and the whole thing. We are fighting sneaky rats right now that are sick and demented. And we’re going to win.”

Trump is expected to sign an executive order as early as Friday which would put a temporary ban on refugees coming from Middle Eastern and African nations that are known to be breeding grounds for terror. During his interview with Hannity, he defended the move saying that while most people that the U.S. allows in are fine, there are some that come to do evil and we can’t take any chances.

“Right now, the FBI has over 1,000 [terrorism] investigations going on … and these are people that we let in,” he said. “We don’t need this. Some people have come in with evil intentions. Most haven’t, I guess, but we can’t take chances.”

“We’ve taken in tens of thousands of people. We know nothing about them. They can say they vetted them. They didn’t vet them, they have no papers. How can you vet somebody when you don’t know anything about them and they have no papers?” he continued.