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Owner Of Istanbul Nightclub Attacked By ISIS Says Turkey’s Gun Bans Empower Terrorists

January 10, 2017

Minutes after hundreds of partiers in Istanbul rung in the New Year, 39 people were shot and killed in a nightclub on the Bosphorus River. The Reina Club owner, Memet Kocarslan, says that Turkey’s bans on private ownership of semiautomatic rifles made it easy for a terrorist who ignored the ban to outgun police and overpower security at the facility.

CNN reported, “Police checks had been increased around Istanbul for the festivities, and Kocarslan had also made sure his Reina club had extra security. But he said they had no hope against a well-armed and determined killer.”

There was one policeman present and while he was armed, he was not able to offer much protection against a terrorist toting a semiautomatic rifle.

Civilians are not allowed to possess automatic firearms and semi-automatic firearms, however, that’s not enough to stop these ruthless terrorists from having them. This type of weapon was used not only in the Istanbul nightclub mass shooting, but also the Charlie Hebdo shooting, and the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris. Terrorists and people looking to commit atrocious acts of violence take refuge in no gun zones and disregard the laws.

Democrat lawmakers in the U.S. wanted to adopt gun laws like the ones in Turkey after the June 12, 2016, Orlando Pulse terror attack which killed 49 innocent party goers at a gay nightclub.