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Op-Ed: Liberal Policies Backfire On Professors When Texas Allows Concealed-Carry On University Campuses

January 17, 2017

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In late February 2016, the Houston Chronicle published an article that, at first glance, appeared to be about the anger of college professors. The professors were angry that they were being silenced in their own classrooms, all due to a new on-campus carry law for Universities that would go into affect in the upcoming month of August. Since the new state law would allow students to carry firearms on campus for the purpose of self-protection, staff members were specifically told by the University of Houston Faculty Senate to not engage in any communication that may anger students who carried guns. There was even an instructional slideshow presentation to alert professors and staff of the seriousness of the matter. The slide show and instructions expressed the potential dangers of getting into any type of disagreement or debate with a student, indicating that the outcome could be deadly.

The faculty have been  told that as soon as guns are brought into the picture they should be very careful how they interact with those people who could be carrying.

“The faculty are increasingly unhappy with the law,” Jonathan Snow, President of the Senate said.

“I’ve been screamed at. I’ve been accused of complicity. It’s been kind of rough.” Snow continued. “Academics know the intrusion of gun culture into campus inevitably harms academic culture.”

Now lets break this down, cut through the rhetoric and diffuse the hysterics.

On the surface, this implementation of the narrative depicting professors as victims who are being silenced against their will is not surprising. What else would you expect from anti-gun liberals? Even six months before the new policy ever went into effect they were jumping on the victim bandwagon while creating the image of gun owners as irrational maniacs. The idea that the anti-gun crowd would create this victimhood not only plays into their wheelhouse, but also helps perpetuate the narrative that gun owners are angry, dangerous and will just as soon kill you if you look at them sideways. Pushing this idea is very helpful to the Anti-Gunner’s agenda and adds to the hope of radicalizing as many more new anti-gun warriors as possible.

When I first read about this, I didn’t recognize the fact that liberal policies are starting to come back to bite the ones who implement them. In this case, we are looking at something similar to political correctness where it is unacceptable to say certain things for the fear of offending someone. In this situation, they have created the fear of “getting killed.” It’s a completely unjustified fear but it is interesting to watch them inflict it on themselves. Although gun owners, and especially legal concealed-carriers, are some of the most respectful and responsible people I have ever met, it is quite refreshing to see corrupt, irrational liberal policies come back to haunt the perpetrators.

This is yet another case of not letting a good chance to push the anti-gun agenda go to waste. Snow’s comment, “Academics know the intrusion of gun culture into campus inevitably harms academic culture,” is misleading and unjust but a great propaganda piece nonetheless. Statistics show that killers choose Gun Free Zones 69% of the time but facts like that don’t support the case for the fear-mongering Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals. My hypothesis is that this push to silence themselves will not go any further than this because these people will soon realize that they are falling victim to their own policies (political correctness and the fear of offending.) I do, however, foresee them fabricating an incident in the future as a way of showing guns on campus being a bad idea. Maybe they stage a firearm mishap, shooting or simply talk of such that gets national attention but never has any substantial credibility. We’ll see. It is always entertaining to watch their creative narratives play out.
Stick to your guns,
Dan Wos

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is the author of ‘Good Gun Bad Guy – Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical’ The book reveals the corruption and deceit that comes from the anti-gun lobby as it attempts to vilify law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.