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Japan Self-Defense Forces Elite Airborne Units Show The Rest Of The World How To Get It Done From Above

January 13, 2017

After the defeat and surrender following WWII, the people of Japan approved a new constitution on which it vowed to never again raise an army for any other purpose other than self-defense. Incredibly enough, an island, or an actual archipelago, was able to conquer most of the countries in the Pacific Ocean, including giants like China and Korea. Understandably, especially after having not one but two atomic bombs dropped in their yard, everyday Japanese people elected to curb the country’s military past into what’s now known as a “pacifist constitution.”

But that doesn’t mean they gave up their right to self-defense. As history has shown through the centuries, Japanese can fight with the best of them. In some cases, like these elite paratroopers units show, they can fight even better.

In this video, some of the Japan Self-Defense Forces Elite Airborne units show the rest of the world how to get it’s done from above.