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ISIS Pushes Fire As The Newest Terror Weapon

January 09, 2017

In the latest issue of ISIS’ magazine Rumiyah, the Islamic terror group advocates for jihadists and lone wolves to use an easy, cheap weapon to continue to commit terror attacks: fire. The publication pushes for Islamic fighters to terrorize communities with arson as it is a simpler method than trying to obtain a gun or vehicle, The Daily Beast reports.

A section of the fifth issue of Rumiyah features flames on the cover and has a section titled “Just Terror Tactics,” which has previously been used to advocate for mass shooting and truck attacks. It boasts the headline “ARSON ATTACKS.”

“This is a quick option for anyone intending to join the just terror campaign,” the publication says.

“With some simple and readily accessible materials (i.e. flammables), one can easily terrorize an entire nation,” it continues.

The article, which begins by praising its “brothers” such as the terrorists at Ohio State and Berlin, focuses on how incendiary attacks have been seen throughout the ages.

“Throughout history and until the present day, incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerrilla warfare, as well as in ‘lone wolf’ terrorism,” the article reads. “Such attacks have been behind the destruction of towns, neighborhoods, and public, private, and governmental property, while likewise claiming numerous lives.”

“[The jihadi] taught the despicable Crusaders a lesson on just how destructive an operation of such simplicity can be, successfully,” the article says, speaking of the fire in Losino-Petrovsky in Russia which they claim was a result of a jihadi arsonist. “The fire was initiated on the ground floor, where it subsequently spread to the remaining floors and the Neighboring buildings and continued to burn for three whole days, causing great financial losses for the Russian Crusaders.”

“Arson, as it applies to the just terror mujahid, is to initiate fires by using flammables to destroy the property of the Crusaders and, in some cases, kill several of them, sending them from the fire of this world to the inferno of Hellfire. All that is required of the mujahid is to acquire the flammable he wishes to use, select his target, and determine the best time for execution,” the article advises.

The publication also says that because flammables are everywhere, “arson attacks are extremely difficult to prevent.”

In another section called “Claiming Responsibility for the Attack,” the magazine advises the fighter to carry along ““a spray paint canister or thick permanent marker” to write “some words on a wall or on the ground near the target declaring that the attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State. “