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Get An Inside Look At The U.S. Navy’s Largest Submarine

January 20, 2017

The original stealth weapon, the submarine cruises the world’s oceans unseen, carrying out a variety of missions. Known as the “Silent Service”, where standards are incredibly high and victories are often kept secret, U.S. Navy submarines are stealthy, agile, and armed with some of the most powerful weapons on the planet. But among these powerful weapons, the U.S. Navy’s ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) are the biggest, and the baddest, ones. Often referred to as “boomers” and designed specifically for stealth and the precise delivery of nuclear warheads, SSBN serve as an undetectable launch platform for intercontinental missiles.

Since the 1960s, “boomers” may have had the most important mission in the Navy: strategic nuclear deterrence. They were built for it as their sole role. Capable of operating underwater for months on end, Ballistic Missile Submarines require crews that can work together under any circumstance. What they do for the defense of America cannot be measured. Today’s attack submarine is one of the most lethal weapons in the nation’s arsenal, and the ballistic missile submarine constitutes a very important component of the country’s strategic deterrent. This video is about the U.S. Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania, in commission since 1989.

Check out the biggest and baddest bad boy in the neighborhood: