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Gun Control Activist Shannon Watts Flips Out At The NRA In Teen Vogue

January 17, 2017

Last Tuesday, Teen Vogue published an editorial by “Moms Demand Action” founder Shannon Watts in which she flipped out at the NRA and blamed them for today’s gun problems. The gun control advocate claimed that the guns rights group is responsible for loosening gun laws which lead to events like the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting.

Watts said she could list the ways she claimed the NRA has aimed to “weaken and block lifesaving gun laws.”  Watts contends that the NRA is blocking gun violence research, making it easier for felons and domestic abusers to buy guns, advocating eliminating gun-free zones, preventing military officials and health care professionals from talking about gun safety with suicidal service members and parents, supporting the argument that more guns in more places can help to stop gun violence, and purposefully targeting vulnerable women in their marketing schemes.

Watts pushes for people to join her group and form “an army of angry Americans who want to feel safe” to fight against the guns rights group.

“If you’re tired of hearing platitudes from politicians after a shooting tragedy, or if the gun lobby’s “guns everywhere” agenda isn’t the future you want for America, please join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” she says. “For far too long, the gun lobby has gone unchecked and had carte blanche to help write our nation’s gun laws. Only an army of angry Americans who want to feel safe everywhere can change that.”

NRA member Jenn Jacques published an article in Bearing Arms contesting Watts’ claims.

The “Second Amendment doesn’t stop at the perimeter of a gun-free zone,” Jacques said.

“Actually, the NRA promotes many ways women (and men) can protect themselves, even without a gun,” she adds, and mentions the NRA’s “Refuse To Be A Victim” program which “teaches people how to be safe in any situation, with or without a gun.”

Jacques states that once again “Watts and her Moms Demand minions are simply dressing up their ignorant and inflammatory rhetoric in an effort to villainize the National Rifle Association.”