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Family Of Six Forced To Move From Home After Receiving Threats About Neighbors Nazi Flag

January 31, 2017

A family of six in Wisconsin is being forced to move from their home after receiving multiple threats because of the Nazi flags their duplex neighbors put up as a sign of protest against President Trump.

Someone took a photo of the Nazi flag outside the duplex and posted it on social media along with the incorrect address. The duplex that neighbor Rosangela Diaz lives in fronts two streets, so the other tenants live on a different street. In a short amount of time, the photo went viral, with many people expressing anger and outrage towards it.

Diaz told Fox News that she was not aware of the flag until seeing the post on social media. Her neighbor, who has not been named, said that he flew the flag as a sign of protest against Donald Trump.

In an email written to NBC 26, the neighbor wrote, “the reason we chose to do so was simple in our minds. To us, America today feels much like it’s heading towards an era likened to the times of Nazi Germany.”

“Our president has spoken out in the past with plans of action that eerily mirror the times of Hitler. We were simply exercising our constitutional right to freedom of speech,” they added. “We are very sorry for the extreme misunderstanding of our actions and we would like to let people know that we meant no disrespect.”

After the post went viral on social media, according to Diaz – who is Hispanic and whose husband is black – people have slashed her tires, broken he windshield on her car and have threatened to burn her house down.

“We’ve had people knocking on our door. Two men approached my kids on the street. I can’t get out of here fast enough,” Diaz told Fox News.

“The first man called me a Nazi,” Diaz told Patch. “I told him, ‘I am obviously Hispanic, and my husband is as dark as night. I’m not who you want.’ About 20 minutes later, another man knocked, but looked directly at me and said, ‘You guys obviously didn’t put that flag up,’ and I sent him around back, too.”

Diaz said that she plans to leave as a result of the threats.

“We are going to look at a few places,” she said. “I don’t care what any of them look like. We have to leave.”

Diaz set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her family’s relocation and attorney fees. As of Tuesday afternoon, Diaz has raised over $3,000.

Rosangela Diaz is the breadwinner in the family now, as her husband, Jeremy no longer has an income due to being legally blind from an eye disease. Rosa works full-time as a baker and part-time as a night auditor at a hotel. She works 75 hours a week to provide for her family of four children and her husband.

Diaz’s landlord, Schwab Properties, is allowing the family to break their lease with no penalty or to move to another Schwab property in a different part of town.

The FBI and local police are investigating the threats against the Diaz family.

Diaz said the Nazi flag has since been replaced with a peace flag.