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California Inventors Create $10 Device To Circumvent State’s Strict Gun Laws

January 30, 2017

There are a lot of people in California who are pretty angry about the new “assault weapons” laws, which are believed to be extremely harsh and unconstitutional. One California man has invented an affordable and straightforward piece that would make the AR-15 compliant with the law but would also allow for an easy and swift way to remove a magazine.

The new law defines “assault weapons” differently. The law states that any semi-automatic center fire rifle, including an AR-15, is considered an “assault rifle” even if it does not have a fixed magazine but does have a flash suppresser and pistol grip. John Bastiani with Bastiani Arms says products are available to make the AR compliant, but they are quite pricy.

“Things that are on the market now cost upwards of $50, per gun to convert and make them legal,” Bastiani said. “There needs to be a cheap solution. There might be people out there with 10 guns that they need to convert and at $50 per gun that’s cost prohibitive.”

Bastiani and his friend, Mike Schroeder took matters into their own hands and invented something they call “legally necessary” if you choose not to register your weapon as an assault weapon.

After working on this product for months, the pair said many people had the same idea they had so they worked even harder and finally realized they could replace the bolt catch on the left side of the gun.

“I cut some stainless steel… traced around, laid it out, cut it out with a Dremel and a file, put it in the gun and said, ‘Oh my god, it actually does what I thought it would!’ We kind of lucked out because no one was thinking of the side of the gun we developed our lock for,” Bastiani said.

The end result is the same product that others have came up with but this design is much easier and cheaper and only uses one piece of steel.

“It requires no skill at all to install,” Bastiani added.

The price is around ten bucks and will fit on any AR. Bastiani calls the product MOD1, with “MOD” standing for “Mandatory Orwellian Device.” Bastiani and Schroeder are not fans of the anti gun stance in California, and call it “absurd.”