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Watch some of the most amazing military vehicles, past & present

General Dynamics Flyer (Origins Explained/Youtube)
January 20, 2017

Human ingenuity seems to have no limits. One of the areas where this can be appreciated the most is in the display of incredible military vehicles created by different countries over the last century. After chariots and carriages became a thing of the past thanks to the advent of motorized methods of transportation, militaries realized the incredible potential of the things newly discovered and developed. As usual, when it comes to the military, the race was on.

The result has been the creation of several vehicles that display creativity and ingenuity. These vehicles look to take advantage of every scientific discovery and put it into practice on the battlefield. Starting with a stealth tank that can transform its infrared presence and project it as if it was something different, all these vehicles — past and present — will get the blood pumping.

Coming in at number 15 is the PL-01 Stealth Tank. This is a Polish tank of the future with some incredible features like temperature-controlled wafers that make it invisible to infra-red sensors. It’s like a chameleon. It can also give it tiger-like stripes in the jungle or make it look flat in the desert.

(Origins Explained/Youtube)

The German Kuglepanzer comes in at number 14. It is the most mysterious tank of WWII. In German, Kuglepanzer means “ball tank” but there is little known about this tank other than it shipped to Japan during the war.

Next is the Marauder, an armored vehicle produced by the Paramount Group in South Africa. It weighs in at 21,000 pounds.

See these 15 incredible military vehicles for yourself:

The Force Protection Ocelot is number 8. It protects against roadside bombs and IEDs. It is a real-life transformer that can travel through all terrain.

Number 12 is the Flyer 72 by General Dynamics. It was selected by the U.S. Special Command as the vehicle of choice for their ground mobility operations.

Number 11 is the Punisher. This is the newest Russian lightweight troop carrier. It can carry a crew of 10 and is bullet and mine-resistant.

The Punisher troop carrier (Origins Explained/Youtube)

Volkswagon Schwimmwagen is number 10. It is an amphibious car made during WWII. These were used by SS Units on the Eastern Front. It is equipped with oars and is a good choice for crossing marshy terrains.

Number 9 is the Oshkosh Hemtt and is a heavy expanded mobility tactical tank. It was used by the U.S. Army and is ideal for heavy transport.

The Force Protection Ocelot is number 8. It protects against roadside bombs and IEDs. It is a real-life transformer that can travel through all terrain.

Number 7 is the IMI Combat Guard produced by Israel. It is a bulletproof truck that can travel 95 mph. It can also wade through five feet of water.

The SDkFC 2 is number 6 and is also called a motorcycle on steroids. It was first used by German paratroopers. It can grip all types of terrain.

Number 5 is the BC Customs Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle. It is made from light aircraft tubing. It can scale 70-degree areas and travel at a speed of 100 mph.

Number 4 is the MPVC. It is a six-wheeled heavily armored vehicle that weighs 76,000 pounds. It was designed for both on-road and off-road excursions. It was first used with the U.S. Army in 2003 in Afghanistan.

Number 3 is the Vespa 150 Tap, made by the French as the perfect anti-guerrilla weapon.

Vespa 150 Tap (Origins Explained/Youtube)

Tardec RST-V is number 2. It is designed for ground assault missions. It is a silent vehicle that makes for a quick getaway.

And, number 1 is the High-Speed Amphibian Technology. This is the most exciting technology at the moment. It integrates command and control capabilities. It can go from land to sea in just 12 seconds.

High-Speed Amphibian Technology
(Origins Explained/Youtube)