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A Look At Life Aboard The USS Anzio While Assisting In The Operations Against ISIS In The Persian Gulf

January 27, 2017

Life aboard a U.S. Navy vessel is no walk in the park. It requires discipline, commitment, and focus.

It’s the type of duty very few know about, but it’s one of the most important ones in the first line of defense for our country.

Naturally, not all U.S. Navy vessels are the same. From giant aircraft carriers, to submarines deep at unknown locations to the public where sailors rarely get to see sunshine during the time deployed.

Then, there are the guided missile cruisers. In this case, a reporter follows a longtime friend to explore what it’s like to be aboard the guided missile cruiser USS Anzio while patrolling the Persian Gulf waters in support of operations against ISIS. Named for the site of a beachhead invasion of Italy by Allied troops from January to May of 1944, the USS Anzio (CG-68) is a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser out of Norfolk in Virginia and commissioned on 2 May 1992.

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