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Watch how far recoil will throw a gun when no one is holding it

How far of a recoil from a 500 magnum (Screenshot/Youtube?
December 12, 2016

While firing a gun is a totally exhilarating and exciting experience, firing a gun with no hands is indescribable and totally gangster – or just ridiculous. Even though it doesn’t quite make sense why anyone would fire a gun without holding it, it’s still pretty interesting to see what happens when you do it.

Nonetheless, the excitement of gun ownership is prompting gun enthusiasts to look into more amazing and adrenaline-fueled things, overwhelmed and guided by the rush of happiness after this spectacular and sensational election victory. Let’s watch and see how far a recoil would throw a gun when you’re not holding it. Who knows, you may even catch on the fever and get curious to find out by yourself.

The Magnum is set in place (YouTube)

Recoil, also called kickback, knockback, or kick, is the backward movement of a gun when it is discharged. To explain in more technical terms, the recoil momentum acquired by the gun exactly balances the forward momentum of the projectile and exhaust gases. This is based on Newton’s third law, and is called conservation of momentum. In small, hand-held guns, the recoil is sent to the ground through the body of the shooter, and in larger, mounted guns, it’s done through the mount.

The .500 Magnum is a fifty-caliber semi-rimmed handgun cartridge used in the 500 Magnum, a five-shot, double or single action large-caliber revolver produced by Smith & Wesson. The gun is built on the largest frame ever developed by the company because it needs to handle the energy of the .500 cartridge. The Magnum weighs about six pounds, and is one of the most stylish guns around.

It isn’t without a reason that the Magnum is one of the greatest handguns of all time. It is big, it is sturdy, is a lot of fun to hold and to shoot, and is capable of performing any kind of shooting activities in the US, no matter how intense.

Preparing to fire (YouTube)

Having said that, the revolver comes with a hefty price tag of $1,446. When you add those annoying taxes, it is around $1,500. It is not for everyone – it could work for home defense and so on though. Considering the performance of the tool, the price isn’t surprising at all.

Anyone who has some money to spare and harbors a love for big guns or revolvers, a S&W 500 Magnum should be on the bucket list. It has unmatched appearance, performance, and recoil.

The above experiment is dangerous, and should not be attempted by anyone.

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