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Watch This Guy Punch A Kangaroo In The Face To Save His Dog

December 08, 2016
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This is something you do not see everyday. While on a hunt, this man’s dog somehow gets caught up with a kangaroo who manages to put the poor pup in a chokehold. When the owner sees what’s going on he rushes to his dog’s aid, and in a wild attempt to try and dissolve the frightening situation, the owner punches the Kangaroo square in the snout.

The absolute look of shock on the kangaroo’s face is priceless after taking the blow. It appears it doesn’t know if it should still hold his ground or completely back off. It’s also worth giving a major shout out to the amazing commentators of this video. Their input is hilarious as they describe the punch to the face of the kangaroo while it plays in slow motion. This undoubtedly could have ended a lot worse, but thankfully, we all get a good laugh out of it.


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