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Watch This 2016 Soldier Homecoming Compilation & Try Not To Shed A Tear

December 09, 2016

Some say that respect is more than just a word and that it’s actually much, much more than that. When it comes to the men and women at the service of America, the respect we pay definitely has to be shown, not just said. These men and women are constantly asked by their country to put their lives on pause and go where duty calls, wherever that may lead them. And, like the heroes they are, they do so unflinchingly. As another calendar year ends, we have another opportunity to take a look at the most emotional and exciting of these homecomings that have occurred throughout the year.

Watching these soldiers come home to girlfriends, friends, and family; it is difficult to not shed a tear. These men and women come back home to where they belong, and they do so after having done their duty to their country in a complete and satisfactory way. It’s essentially impossible not to cry, so take a look and see for yourself why. Word of advice… Have a box of tissues handy.