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Watch Canadians Shoot Guns For The First Time While Visiting Their American Friends

December 09, 2016

Shooting a gun is one of those indescribable experiences that is best understood by actually doing it. A right so dear to the first citizens in the Union that explicitly enshrined it as the Second Amendment of the Constitution, the right to bear arms is the one power in the American experiment that puzzles individuals around the world.

Though they aren’t an exception, most Canadians are baffled by the Second Amendment. After all the hoopla about Donald Trump’s election and the intense attention surrounding the attacks against our right to bear arms, it’s only natural that citizens from the neighboring Canadian nation would feel “curious” about what it’s like to shoot a gun. This couple got the opportunity to find out for themselves while visiting some of their American friends. This video is their courteous and humorous sharing of their first time experiencing a firearm. In their own words, “when we visited our friends in America we wanted to experience what shooting guns would be like. Here’s how it turned out.” Enjoy!