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Watch A Fighter Squadron Flight Crew Gear Up For A Large Aerial Exercise That Keeps Air Force Units Razor Sharp

December 23, 2016

Constituted on August 22nd, 1942 as an incorporation of the Royal Air Force (RAF) 133 Squadron into the U.S. Army Air Forces’ VIII Fighter Command, the 336th Fighter Squadron has always been in the forefront of American interventionism overseas. For beginners, the squadron from which it was constituted was one of three RAF Eagle Squadrons composed of American volunteer pilots who enlisted in the RAF and fought in World War II prior to the United States entry into the war. More recently, as part of 4th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW), the squadron flew more than 1,088 mostly at night combat missions during Operation Desert Storm, on which they dropped more than six-million pounds of bombs on Scud missile sites, bridges, and airfields. As a result of their ultimate success they were nicknamed “SCUD BUSTERS.”

In this video, the 336th Fighter Squadron F-15E Strike Eagle flight crew from the 336 Fighter Squadron are briefed before they walk out to the flight line at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base to participate in Exercise Razor Talon, a monthly U.S. Air Force aerial warfare exercise representing the natural progression from unit training towards the broader platform integration that takes place in an air campaign. One thing is for sure… the SCUD Busters really know how to stay busy.