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(VIDEO) Watch This Impressive High School Category Silent Drill Competition Championship

December 21, 2016

Military drill is all about having discipline, timing, precision, intensity, enthusiasm, and projection. Most of these traits require a level of maturity, effort, and practice that often takes years to master. Some military units, such as the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, are composed of active duty personnel whose job is to exclusively concentrate on these competitions.

That’s why it’s a thing of beauty to watch these high school competitions. It gives you hope. It exudes elegance and pride. Some of these kids have a level of discipline and commitment that would make most Marines proud. It’s quite clear that the groups behind these performances care a great deal about projecting the right mix of patience, discipline, intensity, precision, and enthusiasm that leaves you shaking your head, smiling broadly with hope about the youngest generations. See for yourself. These kids will leave you astonished.