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(VIDEO) Notre Dame Basketball Player Gets An Emotional Surprise Reunion On The Court

December 20, 2016
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On Monday, Notre Dame guard Matt Farrell got the Christmas-time surprise of a lifetime as he was reunited with his brother who he thought was serving overseas in Afghanistan at the time.

After Notre Dame’s win against Colgate University, Matt Farrell was surprised with a message from his brother, Bo, on the scoreboard to wish him good luck during the season and to tell him that he misses him.

As he finished, the camera pulled back and revealed that he was inside the arena. He then walked onto the court to meet with his brother.

Bo wasn’t scheduled to return until February, but he was able to surprise his brother and the rest of his family with an early visit home.

The project had been in the works for seven months since Bo first deployed to Afghanistan in May.


Check it out:


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