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(VIDEO) Jihadi Parents Kiss Young Daughters Goodbye Before Sending Them On Suicide Mission

December 21, 2016

Footage has been released that show what are believed to be the mother and father of two young girls saying goodbye to their daughters before sending them off to commit a suicide attack. The video is believed to feature two girls, nine and seven years old, one of which is thought to be the suicide bomber that attacked a police station in Damascus, Syria last week.

“Terrorists sent an eight-year-old girl with a small homemade bomb to a police station in the Midan neighbourhood,” a source within the Damascus Police Command said following the attack last week. “When she entered the building, militants activated the explosive device with a remote control, the child died at the scene, one police officer suffered light injuries.”

The SANA news agency reports that a young girl walked into the police station saying she was lost. As she calmly asked to use the bathroom, an explosive belt was remotely activated by militants and the bomb ripped through the station. No one but the girl was killed.

On the footage, the woman believed to be their mother is wearing a full coverage burka, leaving no bare skin exposed as she is hugging and kissing the two girls who are dressed in hats, scarves, and winter coats. According to The Daily Mail, the 7 year old is named Islam and has been connected to the Police attack and the 9 year old is named Fatima. A man behind the camera asks the mother why she is sending off the girls to commit a jihad attack when they are so young.

The footage then shows a man believed to be the father, sitting with the two young girls who are now in all black with their heads covered with hijabs. The man lectures the girls and goes on to instruct them how to carry out a terror attack.

The girls say Allahu Akbar before leaving the room. Authorities believe the video was filmed shortly before the Police station suicide attack was committed on December 16th.

While it is not yet clear who ordered the attack, authorities say the father is believed to be a part of the terror group Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front.