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(VIDEO) Iraq’s Military Forces Join Together To Take Back Mosul From The Islamic State

December 30, 2016

In the years before the fall of the Saddam Hussein’s regime, military forces in the country were sharply divided among different groups with a distinctive makeups and responsibilities. There were the regular Iraqi Army (the old Republican Guard), the Special Republican Guard (SRG)(Special Forces Brigade of the Presidential Palace), and the Republican Guard Special Protection Forces (The “Golden Division”).

In order to prevent a coup, Saddam Hussein forbade the Special Republican Guard from ever coordinating with other forces, even the Republican Guard, and no other units were ever allowed near the SRG. The Special Republican Guard received better pay and benefits than members of the Republican Guard and regular Iraqi Army, which was drawn primarily from clans loyal to Saddam Hussein and his regime. After its dissolution following the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, its members went back to their clans around the country. In this video, some members of the old SRG are seemed joining forces in the Battle for Mosul.