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(VIDEO) Check Out How Bullets Can Destroy A $900 Lock

December 28, 2016

This is not your everyday lock. At a solid 5 pounds and cost of $900, this thing is probably strong enough to lock up the nuclear codes. When the guy at Demo Ranch sees such a solid piece of material, he usually feels compelled to destroy it. So naturally, he attempted to get through this massive bad boy by shooting at it. He started with handguns, but that didn’t do the trick. Once he started working with the 308 armor penetrating round we start to see quite a bit more damage.

And of course… the Demo Ranch dude is going to try using the 50bmg in this video. He manages to get a bullet halfway through the lock, though success was completely made after about 5 of the 50bmg steel core rounds. Once more, we’ve got ourselves another crazy awesome video from the guy at Demo Ranch!