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(VIDEO) A Rare Glimpse At The Life Of A Drill Sergeant

December 16, 2016

Drill sergeants get the reputations of being hardheaded and having no hearts. A part of thats true, but the sacrifices these sergeants make to train new recruits is extraordinary. For many recruits, they have zero idea what it takes to make it in the military and Drill Sergeants have the job to train them from day one to the last day of basic training to get these men and women right and ready for battle.

While most jobs in the military get the weekend off, not so much for Drill Sergeants. They have 10 short weeks to get random joes off the street to become soldiers, that is not an easy task by any means. The sacrifices these men and women make to help our country and our military shouldn’t be taken lightly, hats off to the few that mold our soldiers.