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Top 10 reasons disgruntled individuals give up their membership to the Marines

December 07, 2016

The U.S. Marine Corps is a service that is hard not to respect and like. Elders respect them, peers admire them, and the ladies love them. Those who have served or are currently serving in the Marines have tremendous pride in being a part of such an exclusive club that so many dream of joining. However, there are some who voluntarily choose to give that membership up. Even though it has been said that there isn’t such a thing as an ex-Marine, not everyone eagerly re-enlists when the opportunity presents itself. Such a decision begs the question: “Why?”

U.S. Marines are the type of warrior that legends are made of. They have the ethos that rival those of ancient Romans soldiers or Greek’s Spartans. U.S. Marines are respected because the enemies know that when the Marines show up for battle, they’re going to unleash fury. Marines dig getting down and dirty and getting into battle. They dig it almost as much as they dig chicks. However, like anything else in life, not everything is for everyone. Watch below as these two former Marines detail their top 10 reasons for giving up the exclusive membership to the most feared military branch in United States history.