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Tim Allen Mocks “Microaggressions” In “Last Man Standing” TV Show

December 08, 2016

In the latest episode of “Last Man Standing,” comedian Tim Allen mocked political correctness and microaggressions when asked by his daughter to deliver a speech at her business school’s graduation.

Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim) tells her father Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) to deliver a speech, but it first has to be approved by a school committee. The committee does not tolerate any microaggressions that are included in the speech.

“Microaggressions?” Mike asks Mandy. “You mean, like, ‘midget warriors’?”

“No,” Mandy answers. “They’re objectionable words or phrases. For instance, ‘Midget warriors.’”

“I know what microaggressions are,” Mike says. “It’s the latest liberal attack at free speech. And a lot of fun if you do ’em right.”

As the conversation continues, he begins reading his speech aloud to his daughter. In the speech, Tim Allen’s character uses phrases such as “Ladies and Gentlemen” and America is the “land of opportunity.” Both phrases go against the school’s stance on speech as they are both considered microaggressions.

The phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen” is a microaggression because it is not gender neutral, to which Allen’s character replies, “But those are the only two choices.”

When Tim Allen’s character says that America is the land of opportunity, his daughter steps in once again and says, “Okay, by saying that America’s the land of opportunity, you are implying that everyone has the same opportunities.”

“I’m not implying it. I’m saying it. If you live here and you work hard, you can succeed. That’s how this works,” Allen’s character replies.

“Uh…yeah, that one’s on here, too. It hurts the feelings of those who work hard and don’t succeed,” his daughter responds.

Mike Baxter then becomes frustrated and says “If I follow this list, I’ll be going against everything I believe in.”